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Monday, February 20, 2012

You may say that I'm a dreamer

What is it that is taking place during that moment that you're not talking but not really thinking about anything either? The moment where you're just kinda zoned out in space but still tense, clinching your teeth together. The one where someone asks, "What are you thinking about?" because you obviously look so focused and then you snap out of your piercing stare to curiously wonder what it even was yourself ? Is there a moment the mind ever turns off? A moment of pure rest? A standby mode where everything can just turn into a blinking blue light and take a break?

For me I wonder what goes on during those moments of blank stares. Sometimes I think there is just too much happening in my head to rationalize just one thought, or even keep up with it for that matter. I am constantly dreaming. Going over numbers and scenarios in my head. Visualizations that make me smile out of the blue even when no one's watching. I sit in front of a loaded bar listening to the beat of music in my own head, closing my eyes and attempting lift after lift in perfect rhythm and form, envisualizing perfection.

Such grace and beauty, the mind. It is a powerful thing. It is hub that everything must first begin. It is sometimes what makes or misses a lift before you even attempt it. For that matter, it is sometimes what causes you to ever walk that plank of even pursuing anything that might be categorized as impossible or unreachable in the first place. "You're dreaming," they say. Well I don't know about you but dreams are what keep me alive. They are my daily challenge to do something great.

My friend, Clint McPeek, said to me the other day, "When you stop dreaming is when they say you truly go insane". Eyes closed or eyes open, I think he's right. If you stop believing in yourself, stop challenging your own body, stop dreaming of the fight then who are you? What, during that time, defines who you are and where you want to be tomorrow? Dreams are merely aspirations that are just enough out of reach that you have to do something a little miraculous to achieve them, you have to do something big....something wonder woman.

Start first with yourself. Get right in your own head. Believe 100% that you are the best and you were brought here for this reason. If you dont believe in yourself, than who will? That bar is not your enemy. Neither is that tentative start total list, that crowd favorite, or that damn jerk....but rather your own mind. They've infiltrated home territory, they've got in to your head. Don't let them steal your dreams. Not first without a fight. Stand strong, walk proud, and never give in. Close your eyes and see it all over again, clearer and clearer, louder and louder each time and before you know it, when your eyes open, there you will be awake, alive, heart pounding in your own dream ready to take on the World....with eyes wide open!

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