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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For you Lori and anyone else who's curious....

Here is a typical week of my training regimen:

Monday: training at CrossFit CenCal (Stockton)
45 min snatch practice
30 min clean & jerk

Tuesday: training at Cal Strength (San Ramon)
2:00pm 1.5-2hr snatch practice
6:30pm 1.5 hr clean & jerk practice

Wednesday: training at Cal Strength (San Ramon)
9:00am 1.5-2hr Snatch
2:00 (LIVE ON USTREAM) 1.5 hour clean & jerk

Thursday: training at CrossFit CenCal (Stockton)
(Lighter day)
30 min snatch
30 min clean & jerk

Friday: Money Day at Cal Strength (San Ramon)
9:00 1 hr snatch, 45 min clean & jerk
2:00 (LIVE ON USTREAM) Team Competition
No given times, just work up for max lifts

Saturday: training at CrossFit CenCal or visit Midtown Strength
45 min snatch
30 min clean & jerk

Typical Snatch Practice:
Warm up with the bar
High hangs (working on speed) with 35kg. Usually a few sets of about 4-5
High hangs with 45kg, a couple sets of about 3
Snatch doubles (1 from the floor, 1 from the low hang)
Double at 50kg
Double at 55kg
Double at 60kg
Double at 65kg
Double at 70kg
Double at 75kg
Double at 80kg
Try for a PR double (currently 82kg., set today)
(usually 3 attempts for a PR, then back down for speed)
Double 55kg-70kg
Single up to a PR (currently 86kg)

*somedays we add variation such as deficet boards (1-2), low blocks, high blocks, pauses, and complexes

Typical Clean & Jerk Practice:
Warm up with the bar (a lot!) rusty elbows
-clean, power jerk, lower, split jerk, lower, split jerk
45kg (2sets)
65kg (2sets)
-clean, power jerk, lower, split jerk
PR (currently 95kg w/power, split-97kg w/split, split)
-single clean & split jerk
PR (currently 102kg)
PR (currently 103kg/108kg from low blocks)
Doubles: clean & jerk, clean & jerk

*somedays we add variation such as hangs, low blocks, high blocks, jerks from blocks, and complexes)

If you'd like to know these numbers in pounds simply multiply everything by 2.2
PR Snatch: 86kg/189.2 lbs
PR Clean & Jerk: 102kg/ 224.4 lbs
PR Clean: 108kg/ 237.6 lbs


  1. Hi Lindsey!
    Thanks for posting this. I just transitioned from CrossFit to weightlifting and competed in my first meet. You have inspired me greatly. I aspire to one day lift with the finesse and aggression you do.
    Good luck at Nationals,

    1. Thank you Monica, thats very sweet of you! I'm glad I can aspire other women to want to be strong and enjoy the sport of weightlifting. If you don't mind me asking, where is it that you're currently training your lifts now and how was your first meet experience?!?! :D