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Saturday, February 25, 2012

God's Thumbnail

For the first time in a long time I sat outside this evening and just stared in to the night sky. The moon was particularly beautiful tonight and from where I was sitting it was surrounded by a beautiful frame of tree branches with another bright star caught in there as well. It was a moment to clear my head, to take a break from my ongoing busy day, yet staring at something seemingly so simple and beautiful caused a rush of different thoughts and emotions to burst in to my head.

It made me think of my Grandpa Hewkin and how he always called these crescent type moons "God's thumbnail". It made me think of all our happy times together, even when most of the time he just liked to pick and aggravate for fun to watch us get so wound up. It made me think of collecting peacock feathers out of his yard and sticking them in our hair as we play Indians and dance around the house.

It made me think of my dad, and all the nights we spent out on our huge sundeck staring at stars through the telescope, about finding the different constellations, about knowing how to read the stars if you were ever lost out in the wilderness someday. It made me think of fall time back home in Missouri, with a cool breeze just right for the sweatshirt and tights I was wearing. It made me think of bonfires and family, rain on a tin roof. It made me think of all the friends I still have back there.

It made me think... "I need to do this more often."

There's never enough time in the day and if you're not careful you will let all life's finer moments pass you up. Take a minute every once in a while to slow things down and enjoy a little break. Life is hectic, weightlifting is hectic, work is hectic, and when all that comes crashing down on you sometimes all you need is a little fresh air and second to rest your head. I have a huge week ahead of me this week and this picturesque moment of good memories, great air, and the best of company couldn't have came at a more perfect time.

Life happens quick, one minute we are in our youth and the next we have children of our own. Keep your challenges and goals in life coming but don't be afraid to hit the pause button every once in awhile. Take a second to kick back for a deep breath of fresh air. It's refueling to the body, the soul, and the mind. It's a potion for new PRs! It's sometimes just what you need. I know I did.....Nationals, I'll see you in ONE WEEK!

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