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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You can do it!

How many times have you heard women say they don't want to lift weights because they don't want to get big and bulky like a man? Or, even better, women, how many times have you SAID that you don't want to lift weights because you don't want to get big and bulky like a man? This misconception is so overplayed. Ladies, weights are good, they are our friend....They are not going to make you any bigger or bulkier than you are now, IF you don't want them to. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, lifting in general, CrossFit, these are all different types of lifting. They have different rep schemes, different weight percentages, different diet approaches, and different drugs....yes I said it, different drugs. If you walk up behind what looks like a man, sounds like a man, walks a little like a man in the grocery store but to your confusion he's wearing a skirt with painted toenails and is a WOMAN then this is probably NOT natural. Unless you're taking mass amounts of testosterone and your second home is a gym this will NOT happen to you! You are not going to get "huge" just by picking up a bar even for an hour everyday and squatting, snatching, or even benching. Yes, you will put on some muscle but I ASSure you it will be in the places you want it and I guarantee you will hear ABSolutely no complaints on how it will start to make your body look and feel.

Here are a few more misconceptions that a lot of women have...."Should I do more cardio and lose fat before I start lifting?" Ummmmm, if you want?? But to answer your underlying question, NO. Fat DOES NOT turn in to muscle, and guess what that muscle will never turn back in to fat. These are two different cell types, they can not metamorphasize into something they are not. When you start to see muscle definition forming what's happening is you are actually losing fat and the muscle, whether you're gaining it or not, is starting to show.

Another fun fact, the more muscle mass you have on your body, the more calories you body needs to run, thus burning calories quicker. To lose one pound of fat you need to somehow set the deficet between the two by 3500 calories. Whether you're taking in that much less calories in your diet or your burning that much more in your workout, either way you're going to see a change in fat loss. Notice I say fat and not body weight. Everybody knows, or at least has been told once in their life that muscle weighs more than fat. If you start a weightlifting program and see no change in the scale or maybe even at first a slight jump, but you're down a pant size, this is normal. You didn't put that weight on over night and it's sure as heck not going to come off over night. Pay attention to how your body feels, how your clothes fit, and how much more energy and motivation you have after starting a program. With the right diet, program, and dedication the weight will come off. Don't get discouraged.

But in order to even get this far you first have to start! Ladies, stop with the excuses. You don't have to go heavy, you don't have to compete, you don't even have to go everyday. Just go in with goals of what you're after and have fun. If you're in the Stockton area check out CrossFit CenCal or if you're closer to the Bay  look up California Strength. The trainers at each of these gyms know their stuff and will help guide you in the right direction, and who knows maybe you'll bump into a few weightlifter bloggers while you're at it! 

Feel free to comment below if you'd like any other information on training, whether it be questions you have in general or you would just like to know more about these two gyms. Best of luck with whatever you do and I hope this is the year you make a difference to your body!


  1. Hey Girl!
    Love this Blogg! You are amazing!! I wish I had a inside look at your daily intakes, and training schedule. I understand each person needs their own program to fit their personal profile, but what ever you have done, I want!! I contacted Matt today, are using him? I thought I would give him a shot. Hope you do another class again soon, I will be there!!

    1. Thanks Lori!!! I hope the above blog answers some of your questions. As far as diet goes, I like to keep it as clean as possible. I eat a lot of protein, good carbs like sweet potatoes, and throw in some good fat as well (olive oil, coconut oil). Currently I'm not on any supplements, however, if I'm running short on time and need to fuel up I will have a protein shake made with water. If you're interested in working some training more towards Olympic lifting and you need help, let me know, and I hope to put on another class here as soon as possible. Take Care!
      xoxox Lindsay