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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 National Championships

Six months of training, seven competitions, hundreds of hours of sweat, pain, and tears and it has finally boiled down to this moment. This one opportunity for all the best weightlifters in America to gather under one roof to dominate one platform to prove who is the best lifter in the Nation.

There is nothing left to do now except wait. The taper bug is gone, I've settled into my light week of training and I'm ready to walk up on that stage with strong legs and an open heart. I'm telling myself my body feels great, refreshed, rejuvenated, ready for war.

My blood is pumping still from a wonderful week and I'm packing it in my carry-on to Ohio! I take with me the thought of winning. I take the heart of a champion. I take the confidence from all my friends, family, and followers of knowing I can do it, even when that last minute doubt starts to roll in. I take with me the fight and fearlessness of Donny Shankle. I take with me a smile of happy, happy thoughts.

With all this you can consider me dangerous. Locked and loaded and ready for all that comes my way. I am a CalStrength Soldier, no longer a rookie. I have a bronze medal from American Opens after 3 months of training and it was like the first taste of blood to the wolf. I want more. I'll always want more. And until I'm broken down beyond repair I'll fight harder, train longer, never complain, and wear a dangerous smile on my face with my eyes on one prize: to become the BEST. I am the underdog, I am the one with absolutely the least amount of training. I am 6 months; they are 6 years. I am dressed for sucess in new CalStrength swag and I have nothing to lose. I am Wonder Woman and I am ready.

See you Sunday.....

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