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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The road less taken....

Sometimes as people we find it so much easier to follow a trail that has already been blazed by many others. One that has been mowed and properly taken care of. One that has two lanes due to all the traffic. We follow these roads just like we do when we drive our cars down the freeway. Some of us on cruise controll, some of us sightseeing, taking our time, and some of us while multitasking and talking to our friends in other states. We go through life like mindless robots. The three exits and road changes on our way to work turn into thoughtless right hand turns in which our car, like a 15 year old broke horse, just makes it's natural turn with out thinking or even preparing for it. We go about our lives like a program we are supposed to follow. Monday through Friday many of you are like zombies and then the weekend arrives and you come to life to get dolled up and dance in the clubs. Or for weightlifters, we show up to practice, one, sometimes two times a day and meet the same bar with the same weights that we have been putting up over our heads for the last two months now and decide that today we're just going to do it all over again. Why do we become robots? Why can't everyday be a PR or at least a good running attempt at one? Why do we forget to pay attention to all the exits in life and only focus on the one that gets us to work? Why do we forget to take the time to live off of standby mode? I want to bring something new to everyday of my life. I want to keep you guessing what I have in store for you next. I want to keep you tunning in on the edge of your seat and searching for the next big YouTube video. I want to hit PRs again. Life isn't a game that you get to save everynight and come back to when your friends are back around. It is an on going cycle in which you have to make the best of every chance you get in order to capture the flag at the end. What is it that you want? You want to be strong? You want to drop 30 pounds? You want to get your life together again? Then do it! Stop waiting for tomorrow. Stop cruising down the same road that has gotten you to work for the last 15 years but changed nothing. Stop shutting your mind off and making excuses for yourself. No one is going to do it for you. No one is going to drag you off the couch and litterally kick you in the ass. Well, not everyday anyway. Find what drives you, what fuels you and fill up and run like hell until you find what you're looking for or you accomplish what you've always wanted. Don't look back to see who's following this new path with you, just go. Those who see your courage and dedication will follow. You will start a new path and eventually add on more lanes. Don't be affraid to wander off on your own! If you get lost or scared along the way find someone who will dust you off and send you back out again. It is engrained in each and every one of you. Dig deep. You can do it.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Each one of us has a fire in our heart about something. It's our goal in life to find it and keep it lit."
-Mary Lou Retton

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Are you still out there?

Sometimes I forget you're out there. Still watching, still admiring, still looking up to what it is I represent. Even when I'm in a slump I still inspire? Thank you for reminding me that I still have some kind of worth. Training sucks but you still tune in for more? I will try my hardest to kick this funk and come back harder, stronger, and more determined than ever, puking the brightest rainbow you've ever seen. You keep watching and I'll keep lifting. Day after day until this slup has been defeated and I walk out better on every end. Big changes are hapening in my life right now and I'm going to make the best of them. God makes people strong for a reason and he made me dumb strong as I've been told so I'm ready for this. Ready for all that comes my way. Ready for new ventures and new smiles. Ready to be inspired myself again. Ready to break 200! Keep watching guys....I promise I won't let you all down.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter with my kiddo!

A post by my dear friend Lori Fouts

Just a rant. The drive thru is NEVER an option. I think its funny, alot of these fast food places are sitting right in front of, or very near a grocery store. To me it is just as easy to stop, walk into the produce section, and pick up something quick, sliced turkey meat as well. This is kinda like our ancestors did, foraging when we are hungry, but we do it in the produce section.
Im just saying, if one plans ahead and we wont find ourselves in this situation. Also its not a bad thing to feel hunger every now and then. This called intermittent fasting, and this is a good thing. The need it now mentality has to change. Patience and observation is a good thing, and should be practiced daily. We tend to go through life on auto pilot, not mindful of any of our own actions. Today I challenge you to stop, listen to your breath, observe yourself, be patient, and experience life in the moment, mindful of your present moment in time. Can you do this? Re-post and share your experiences with me!

So true!! Thank you LORI!! xoxo

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tape on T-shirts makes me smile

A fire burns deeply inside me. One that makes me feel like an unstoppable freight train barreling through obstacles nonetheless but not showing any signs of slowing or even stopping. My fire gets brighter everytime it gets blown on. You can't blow me out, I feed off of your oxygen. My belly warms as I pull on bars heavier than I knowing that the weight of these steal rods is heavier than whatever life throws at me. Weight shmate, watch me put it over my head and slam it down to the ground. Better yet, watch me as I do doubles with it and laugh. Off today, on like donkey kong tomorrow. As I get frustrated with things I take it out on the bar. Kick it, swear at it, slam it. I feel that fire get brighter. Hotter. It's a blue flame fire made of toxic chemicals that make your eyes water when you stare at it. It screams a confident "hell yeah" when I prove to you and more importantly myself that when I get kicked I don't stay down. I don't need your "helping" hand to pull me off the floor. Keep it, you're going to need to work on your grip for the next round. I lift weights. I make my daughter laugh. Tape on T-shirts makes me smile. Crazy people lift weights to stay sane. I'm just trying to find the middle of it all. Or maybe lifting this way means we're crazy? This blog is starting to sound a little Jon North? I miss Donny. That crazy guy was what kept us all sane I think....or maybe he just made us feel more that way compared to him? Big things are about to happen in my life I know it. I bought a lottery ticket for the first time in probably 5 years and I won A TICKET.....that's gotta be a sign right!? That surely means 90-110 is in my future. I hit a PR off the blocks today, which has been about like finding a four leaf clover in a dessert lately. They usually travel in heards though (just like Pete Bauman's turkeys) so whenever there's one there should be more to follow. I will DEFINITELY keep you posted. As for tonight, thanks for the outrage moment of venting....I feel much better now. Tune in on live feed Friday to watch me win some money.