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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Are you still out there?

Sometimes I forget you're out there. Still watching, still admiring, still looking up to what it is I represent. Even when I'm in a slump I still inspire? Thank you for reminding me that I still have some kind of worth. Training sucks but you still tune in for more? I will try my hardest to kick this funk and come back harder, stronger, and more determined than ever, puking the brightest rainbow you've ever seen. You keep watching and I'll keep lifting. Day after day until this slup has been defeated and I walk out better on every end. Big changes are hapening in my life right now and I'm going to make the best of them. God makes people strong for a reason and he made me dumb strong as I've been told so I'm ready for this. Ready for all that comes my way. Ready for new ventures and new smiles. Ready to be inspired myself again. Ready to break 200! Keep watching guys....I promise I won't let you all down.

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