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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tape on T-shirts makes me smile

A fire burns deeply inside me. One that makes me feel like an unstoppable freight train barreling through obstacles nonetheless but not showing any signs of slowing or even stopping. My fire gets brighter everytime it gets blown on. You can't blow me out, I feed off of your oxygen. My belly warms as I pull on bars heavier than I knowing that the weight of these steal rods is heavier than whatever life throws at me. Weight shmate, watch me put it over my head and slam it down to the ground. Better yet, watch me as I do doubles with it and laugh. Off today, on like donkey kong tomorrow. As I get frustrated with things I take it out on the bar. Kick it, swear at it, slam it. I feel that fire get brighter. Hotter. It's a blue flame fire made of toxic chemicals that make your eyes water when you stare at it. It screams a confident "hell yeah" when I prove to you and more importantly myself that when I get kicked I don't stay down. I don't need your "helping" hand to pull me off the floor. Keep it, you're going to need to work on your grip for the next round. I lift weights. I make my daughter laugh. Tape on T-shirts makes me smile. Crazy people lift weights to stay sane. I'm just trying to find the middle of it all. Or maybe lifting this way means we're crazy? This blog is starting to sound a little Jon North? I miss Donny. That crazy guy was what kept us all sane I think....or maybe he just made us feel more that way compared to him? Big things are about to happen in my life I know it. I bought a lottery ticket for the first time in probably 5 years and I won A TICKET.....that's gotta be a sign right!? That surely means 90-110 is in my future. I hit a PR off the blocks today, which has been about like finding a four leaf clover in a dessert lately. They usually travel in heards though (just like Pete Bauman's turkeys) so whenever there's one there should be more to follow. I will DEFINITELY keep you posted. As for tonight, thanks for the outrage moment of venting....I feel much better now. Tune in on live feed Friday to watch me win some money.

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