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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A post by my dear friend Lori Fouts

Just a rant. The drive thru is NEVER an option. I think its funny, alot of these fast food places are sitting right in front of, or very near a grocery store. To me it is just as easy to stop, walk into the produce section, and pick up something quick, sliced turkey meat as well. This is kinda like our ancestors did, foraging when we are hungry, but we do it in the produce section.
Im just saying, if one plans ahead and we wont find ourselves in this situation. Also its not a bad thing to feel hunger every now and then. This called intermittent fasting, and this is a good thing. The need it now mentality has to change. Patience and observation is a good thing, and should be practiced daily. We tend to go through life on auto pilot, not mindful of any of our own actions. Today I challenge you to stop, listen to your breath, observe yourself, be patient, and experience life in the moment, mindful of your present moment in time. Can you do this? Re-post and share your experiences with me!

So true!! Thank you LORI!! xoxo

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