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Friday, February 17, 2012

A tribute to my teammate, Donny Shankle

Go Be Unforgettable
    by Lindsay Taylor

Day by day, rep by rep
You work to get stronger.
Slaving in hours
Like a forsaken monger.

Pushing and Pulling
On bars so fast
All the while
Still collecting your cash.

Show these young pups
You're not planning to stop
As you lower their PR's
Down from the top.

Deep breath and one more drive
 Explosive through the heels 
There goes another jerk
It's almost like sex appeal.

Hard Work and Determination,
Your other middle names
Never giving up,
Pushing hard through the game

You are King of this jungle,
The Shankle Almighty
Your rule of the World
Will be precise and timely....

Now tighten your Pendlays,
Kiss your Grandpa's chain
Today your goin' on like a gangsta'
Gonna make red kilos rain!

You've done it before,
A million times in your head.
Now open your eyes
And slam down your heal tread.

"You'll already be remembered,"
I've said it before.....
"Now go be unforgettable"
As you walk proud across that floor.

Dear Readers,
Seems like this is the year of the Shankle. People from all around the world, whether they know him or not have started to come together to do what it takes to get this man to the top. He is a leader. He has proven to be able to do things that until now have never been believed could be done. I just wanted to take this time to not only cheer my teammate on as he pushes forward in pursuing his hopes and dreams of this year's Olympics, but also take a minute to thank everyone else who has helped him along the way. Everything you do, big or small, verbally or monitarily has helped him better himself and his lifts and I see it everyday first hand. I know he would be in aggreance when I say Thank You is never enough. Now, let's start a Shankledemic and all join in to wish him well. You can never have too much good health, strength, or confidence in life. Comment below if there is something you'd like to say to Donny Shankle or find him personally on his blog and drop him a line. And again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for all your love and support.

Lindsay Taylor
   Wonder Woman!


  1. I just had a conversation recently with a special forces marine whoe said Shankle was his hero...

    I'd met him for the very first time an hour before, when he walked into our gym and started warming up. He lives off and on in the area, and as I finished up with my trainee, and began to warm up myself, I smiled as I saw him put on lifting shoes...

    He proceeded to work up to a heavy triple in the clean, and PR'd that day at 125kg...which is 30 over my 1rm. As I bungled a few snatches, and watched him during my rests, I was reminded of Shankle, both of them being in the service...and being strong as fuck.

    After we were done and started shooting the shit, I mentioned my new obbsession w/ Cal Strength and your videos, etc. His eyes imeadiately lit up and he exclaimed, "Donny is my hero!" We both excitedly agreed that it would be awesome to take a month or so and drive out to the Bay and sleep in our trucks and train/be coached at Cal Strength.

    On the way home, I chukled at the fact that us two strangers were suddenly giggling like little girls, inspired and awed over a big sweaty guy in a wife-beater. Very random.

    And that's the power of Shankle. Some of my lifting friends call him strong, while some even call him sloppy. I call him a real American Hero. Good luck man.

    1. All the best wishes to you Donny Shankle & CalStrength members from Finland. You guys are amazing athletes and your blogs really show us what being an athlete really is about.

      GO DONNY!

    2. You Rock Donny !!! i'm not wishing you luck, because it's never about that . . evidently you work your freakin ASS of so now it's time to collect what's rightly yours.

      xx Mel

      P.S. Hi Lindsay !!

    3. Hi Mel!! and thank you guys for all your awesome comments!

  2. I dont know what I could say to all of Cal Strength. Thank you, this sport changes every single day because of the Shankles, the Norths, the Taylors, and the Pendlays. I dont even compete in the sport yet and I draw tremendous influence and inspiration from all of you guys. We will probably never meet, never shake hands, never become real life friends. but I want all of you to know that one day the groundwork you guys are laying will eventually bring people like me to stare you guys in the eye in a competition. So go rip the head of the FUCKING lion today and everyday after so that one day you can watch the hungry pups like others and myself do the same.