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Thursday, February 16, 2012

US Cryotherapy....who said it's not cold in California

Today my teammate Tom Sroka and I got the special opportunity to visit USCryotherapy in Roseville, CA. We have both been dealing with some issues as far as aches and pains go and even just overall recovery lately and really need to "nip this in the bud" before Nationals. The good thing about hurting while you're under the care of Glenn Pendlay is.....he takes care of you....and QUICK.

Tom and I, unknown to what we were getting ourselves into assumed for the worst. We packed for Anartica and even planned our coffee stop for as soon as we were done. All we knew going in to it was this room was -200 degrees farenheit.....yes that is a NEGATIVE sign, not a typepo, and that we were signing up to step in. We kept our peptalks short before our pluge and knew that we were going into it together and no matter what we were coming out together!

Short shorts....Tom wore chonies
Sports Bra......Tom oppted not to wear one of these
Long Socks (90's style with the scrunch)
Slippers (The world is always better with a slip on comfort foot warmer)
Two sweat bands to cover the ears....NOT FOR SWEAT
Sars Mask......hopefully NOT for Sars
and MITTONS....big enough for wiggle room

Now, I can't speak for Tom on this but I know personally I have grown to appreciate ice baths. Obviously not for the enjoyment of the cold but rather for the benefits they give and I swear they make me more energetic....however, appreciating something is not loving them, in fact I still dread every ice bath I take. The moment right before we walked into this chamber of hell froze over that sense of dread started to take over. Moment I knew it was going to be better was when Aaron (awesome cryo staff man) says....."anyone have any music they want me to put on, you can dance in there!" YES......this is about to be a good time! We strapped in some top seceret CalStrength black market PR music, closed our eyes, took a deep breath, and made our first step into the fray! Three and a half minutes went surprisingly fast probably because of our awesome dance moves. As soon as we steped out and started our "warming up" cardio I instantly, and I litterally mean INSTANTLY felt better! After the chamber we both did a localized treatment, went and ate, and then repeated the process. As far as I can tell I feel great. My elbows, which have been my problem area for awhile now feel great as of this second and I just finished my training for the night. I still feel energized and overall mobility feels really good. If I were to judge this theraputic modality of recovery I would without a doubt give it two thumbs up! I love it! I am already planning my next trip and I am yelling it to the world....well all of you, my readers at least. If you're anywhere close to this area you should check this place out! I promise the staff is great, they will take extra special care of you, and you will feel better once you're done! I know I do!!

Faster Recovery-Better Health


Cold air therapy is being widely used in Europe, Russia, and other parts of the world in peak performance training, recovery from sports related injury, and general wellness. the US Cryotherapy products, the most revolutionary advancements in cold therapy technology, generate extremely cold air up to 4 times colder than standard ice packs or baths, without lowering the body's core temperature. Treatment exposure last for up to 3 minutes (walking in our four person chamber)

-Faster Muscle Recovery
-Effective Pain Management
-Feel More Energetic
-Enhanced Well-Being
-Improve Sleep Pattern
-Promote Healthy Complexion

For more information check out their website at
And if you go, tell them this really cool weightlifter chick named Lindsay sent you!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by US Cryotherapy for some Faster Recovery. Better Health. Good luck in your upcoming events!!!

    -Todd Kramer, Operations Manager, US Cryotherapy

    1. Thanks Todd for having us! loved the facility and the the staff was great! looking forward to seeing you guys again