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Thursday, February 23, 2012


As I have been doing my practices lately I have come to the conclusion that I just don't enjoy clean and jerks as much as I do the snatch. The funny thing is is when I started 6 months ago I loved cleans. I actually looked forward to the "WODs" that had them in it in CrossFit just because I knew I did them so well. Thing is I never jerked after the clean in CrossFit, or at least split jerked. Maybe I should go back and clarify....I hate the JERK! I am almost certain, and have said this in practice many of times, I would rather snatch 85 for a double than clean & jerk it once! I also make jokes that I will hit my first 200kg total with a 100kg snatch, 100kg clean & jerk....sometimes it really seems I'm not joking!

Here's the thing. I love to snatch. I rip through them in practice and even when it's a crumby day where I don't hit PRs or maybe fall short of hitting a regular number I still enjoy them. I dread the clean & jerk! I slow my pace in practice hoping to just make large enough jumps that the missed work will still somehow find its way above my head. I don't do this on purpose, I just dread them so much they mentally hurt! And like I said in my last blog post, the mind is a crazy, crazy thing. When mentally you're not ready for something how can your body ever be prepared for it.

So with all that being said here is my pledge to myself, my mind, and the people out there wishing me well......I am going to just start hating them less! That's got to be the answer right? I'm not saying I'm going to love them, I just don't want to hate them anymore. I will embrace the jerk, think nice thoughts about him, invite him in with locked out arms! Maybe eventually we will learn to work together in rhythm as one? I don't want to fight with him anymore. My body is so tired after practice that mentally I can't stand the thought of dreading to finish.

Quiet the demons in my head, don't answer them. You will get through this Lindsay. Bring on 100, bring on 105, and if you're ready attempt 110! Don't fear it, don't hate it, don't push it aside and take the shorter road! You can do this, just hate it less! Walk up to the bar thinking you'll give it your best shot instead of thinking "ah, this is going to suck," Surely enough of this attitude and perception of the lift will eventually just make practices run smoother and eventually end up being more gratifying me for me in the end.

If there's anything out there that's bothering you right now whether it be jerks, today's open WOD of freakinggggg burpees, form/ technique, or even your in laws....join me in just HATING IT LESS! Maybe it will work, maybe not...but in the long run I bet we save more brain cells by doing so and increase our overall enjoyment of life!

 What is it that you are going to "Hate Less"?

This is me clean and jerking 97kg. (213lb.) then lowering it down for a second jerk.


  1. Lindsey,be patient. You're not that experienced a lifter yet. It takes TIME to get stronger. Snatching is a speed lift requiring athleticism and explosive power. C&J requires more strength. Your legs and butt that your were so grateful for a few weeks ago will only do so much. Typically, women lifters are initially lacking in upper body strength. Wait for the progress. If it were easy everybody would be doing it.

    1. Thank you. As much as I know patience is the key it's so easy to get frustrated at the failed attempts. It will come though, you are right. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

    2. Linds! I too dreaded C&J in training so bad, because they do take so much out of you. I can snatch all day long, but C&J was a weakness. Once I came to the realization like you have that I cant "hate or dread" this lift being a compettitor, I started doing them first in training - followed by jerks from the rack, and THEN snatching. As I got stronger, I now find myself not dreading the C&J so much and mixing up my training has been beneficial.

      Best of luck at Nationals my sista lifta!! I'll be watching and cheering you on online :)