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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well I thought life would be a little less crazy as I left CalStrength and traveled across the country to new ventures. It hasn't though. I'm set on the idea that life is just crazy. Forest Gump was right, you really just never know what you're going to get. Of all the things going on in my life right now, one thing is still for is hard and I am loving it. Coach Ma is working every inch of my body with accessory work and I'm doing just as he asks. I feel a little more CrossFit lately as my body aches and hurts when I move, even more than the old aches and pains of before. I love it though, did I already mention that? The team, even though I haven't met all of them yet, is awesome! I like them a lot, even though they could never replace my first family at CS. I still find myself talking and thinking about them. Jon, Tom, Donny and all the others wondering how they're all doing and wishing we were all together dancing on platforms in the same room again. Change is good though, it makes us grow as people. Stronger on the bar and braver in real life. When you can adapt to change you can take on the World, and only Champions take on the World. I love my new home. I love being back in the arms of my family. I love watching my daughter run around playing in the water with her little cousin. I love the opportunity at my feet and I am taking it in full stride! I sometimes forget how strong I really am until life throws these moments of true strength right in my face. I'm ready though. I'm mad. I'm confident. And I'm determined. I'm Wonder Woman....remember!

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