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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Second Chances are Sometimes Worth the Wait

It is absolutely crazy to look at life and think we actually have it all figured out. I mean, what does it mean to plan anymore? Is there even such a thing? People plan to have a baby when they have the money saved up for it but is there ever enough money? People plan to finish school and become doctors without any rough spots or disappointments? People plan what they are going to do tomorrow and then their car blows up today? I planned for all of these things and nothing went as PLANNED.  But breaking the plan doesn't mean you've doesn't even mean that you have to quit trying. Success never came without a little failure and it sure never came to those to who gave up. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am one of those believers that everything happens for a reason and I believe my reason is here. As  I've been mentioning in my blogs over the last little while, big things are happening in my life. I have decided to uproot myself from California and all I known for the last five years. I have decided to take what I've learned at CalStrength and put it further to work while I better my education. I have been offered the opportunity to lift on scholarship at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO under new supervision of Coach Jianping Ma and finish my education and I am taking it.

I am beyond excited for this opportunity and can't wait to see what comes next in this bigger plan. However, as one door opens I am sad as the other door closes. I truly loved my stay at California Strength and appreciate all the time that my Coach and basically founder Glenn Pendlay had to give me and I take away a knowledge that others would only dream to receive. The man took me in as a crazy CrossFitter and turned me into a crazy lifter. Out of the two, I'm not sure which is more sane? I am also grateful for the chance I had to lift with some of the best guys in the United States! On top of being wonderful athletes and lifters they were some of my best friends and comrades as well. I take a little from each of them on to my next step in this sport and I already can't wait till the day we all meet again! It will be a big family reunion that's for sure. I also thank Dave and Kathryn Spitz, Matt and Haley Johnson,  and Peter Bauman at CalStrength for giving me all the encouragement in the world while training in their facility and also a HUGE thank you to Muscle Driver USA for my sponsorship over the last year. Lastly, a thank you to my family for allowing me to leave and follow my dreams even if they are half way back across the country! These are such huge things in my life that even a thank you can't even begin to show my appreciation for.

It is such a sad thing to leave what you know in desire for something else but everyone knows life doesn't come easy. As a person you grow and feed off of these chances in life to change the world...or at least your own world! I take this opportunity head first and laugh at the thought that even though I still don't have it all PLANNED out I.WILL.NOT.FAIL. I will take this one day and one lift at a time. I will focus on what I have in front on me. I will make the NOW my very best EFFORT for TOMORROW! I am so so happy to be a Lindenwood Lion and I can't wait to see what's next for me. Stay tuned followers, because I'm about to even Wow myself!!

XOXOXOXOXOXO!!! Love you all!!!
Wonder Woman Lindsay Taylor


  1. Welcome (back) to the 'Lou. There's a great O-lifting world here, not just in the friendly confines of Lindenwood but also at The Lab Gym (closer to downtown STL). High quality national lifters -- hope you'll come train with us.

  2. I've missed you for a while at Cal Strength and finally asked about you. I'm so glad for the changes in your life. I had to trace back to find this. Now that you are closer, maybe I'll have to swing down and visit some day, or maybe we could have you at our CrossFit box for a seminar. - enjoy life. Andy H., IL