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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ready for the Rain to let up...

The last few weeks have been total chaos it feels like. The static in my head bounces around between my ears like a pin ball machine. Jayden. Stay over the bar. Wrecked Car. Ahhhhhhh. Heals Lindsay. Smile....Jayden. LIFE. Oh, life.... I haven't been writing lately because I'm afraid of my fingers taking over the keyboard like lifeless zombies and terrorizing this positive blog site I've worked so hard on creating. I have been telling myself for the last couple days to get on here and write something...even a lousy pass for a post of just telling you our livestream has been changed to 1:00 instead of 2:00, anything just to let you know this blog is still up and running. Still nothing. I can't even think of things to talk about and usually I can't decide out of the 10 ideas I have which one to continue on with. Then yesterday it hit me. I was laughing and smiling. I was at softball practice. I was coaching. Coaching is one thing that no matter how terrible of a day it has been I can just let it all go and work with the kids. This is my second season as St. Mary's Softball coach, and it continues to fill my life with joy every time I step foot out there on that dirt.

It's been raining a lot and our practices and games have been canceled more than played lately but yesterday we were determined to get out there even if it was still muddy and wet. I would say it was one of our best practices. We didn't hit a lot and we didn't field a lot, but we did learn a lot....and had a lot of fun. I didn't look at my watch one time throughout practice and by the time I had we had ran over ending time by almost 30 minutes! The girls were filthy! White pants were covered in mud and grass stains! There was dirt in their hair, mud all over their arms and clothes, and we even ran around with no shoes on but didn't mind taking socks off! I'm sure parents were cussing me when their children walked in last night looking like bums off the street and reeking of mother natures not so finer moments.

Long story short, I left there last night smiling, something that I haven't done a lot of lately. My girls cheered me up more than they will ever know and didn't really do anything except play and have fun! I walked away from the fields watching kids get in their parent's car while they cringed and laid down newspapers. Not sure why but it made me kind of warm inside. Our kids are only young once, they only have a short time of very limited responsibilities before they are thrown in adulthood and expected to just start flying on their own. Have fun. Cherish these moments. Soak them up because there will be a day when they won't have time for that let alone you. I took my four year old with me to practice yesterday. she played in the mud and came home with grass stains too....I too was one of those parents who started to cringe as I put her in the car. Quickly I brushed her off, smiled, gave her a kiss, told her great practice and then went on to strap her filthy butt in her car seat and off to frozen yogurt we went.

Sometimes even when it feels like life is raining down on you a small glimpse of sunshine will appear where a beautiful rainbow will sprout and make your day. Look for those moments. Those are the ones that get you through the rain.

Thank you St. Mary's Softball girls for yesterday's rainbow!
xoxoxox Coach!

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  1. Congratulations for being human and a real good Mom besides. We all have stuff that happens and brings us down but we also have things to bring us joy. Children can do that. Helping some one else can do it. I used to be a glass half empty type but no more. Keep on trudging the road to a happy destiny and you will be blessed.