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Monday, March 12, 2012

Journey to Dreamland

What is it that fuels us when we've run out of gas? That burning sensation from way down within us that almost feels like an erupting volcano about to take way. Is it our dreams, our greatest desires, or is it fear? Fear of letting others down, the fear of failure. Or maybe a lethal combination of it all.

Whatever it is, it's a fossil fuel like no other. It burns so deep and so hot that we will follow it anywhere it drags us so that we too can stay warm. We will close our eyes and jump in any direction it's pulling not even thinking or planning of what may come next. That's the beauty of dreams. They are the one thing that you can't make any hesitations with while they last because once you wake up chances are you will never relive it again.

Positively weigh yourself and how far you've come. If you're dancing on a dream and starting to struggle, always remember to never lose sight of that 8 year old little boy and what he played for. Don't forget how many hours you've put in time and time again with a sore and battered body. Waking up for breakfast on a back roller so that you can train through your lunch and go home and nap. You've worked so hard to become the best.

You've given up friends nights out and unsupportive people. Friendships and  relationships have come and gone because they don't know the life of an athlete. The life of true dedication. The life of battery, stiffness, aches, pains, and athletic tape. They don't get you. Your family stay by your side because they believe in you. They have to. They've seen your ups and downs and know that's what it is that makes a true champion. The people who love you and support you will be waiting for you at the end of that dream rainbow cheering you on while  you collect your pot of gold.

Whether your rainbow will take you near or far, it will be beautiful. It will be great. It will be worry free and happy because it leads you to the land of dreams. Where snozberries really taste like snozberries and biofreeze rivers run rapid. Dreamland has no perception of pain. When you fight that bully no matter how hard you hit him it feels like a plate of jello on the other end. You will be pain free, running high off adrenaline, and rocking a steady smile of pure focused energy.

Positive! That's the key to success. Positive through and through. Mentally able and physically your body will pull through. Believe in yourself, I know I believe in you! Take that fear, that pain, that stupid voice in your head and fuel your passion with it. Sacrifice them to the dream gods so that you can dance through the clouds on tiptoes with the one who makes you smile. Follow that burning sensation in your heart. Fear not of failure but embrace the small falls that will only make you stronger. You will not be the best at everything but that's what keeps us wanting more. Keeps us alive and fighting. Keeps us coming back with more fight. Show this and you will show true greatness. You will show the heart of a champion.

Bodies need to be rebuilt from time to time, knees need a little extra stitch in them once in awhile, but hearts......hearts, once they stop pumping, stop billowing up that deep volcanic lava, once they give up and let the negative darkness in; well, they cannot be restarted. Don't lose your heart. Don't forget that inner child. Don't forget your dad's coaching and your mom's team snacks. Don't forget hotdogs after every win. Don't forget why you started and how much fun you've had along the way. You can do this. This is just one more day of training to a champion. One more day closer to a life in Dreamland. One more step closer to happiness. I'll meet you at the end of the rainbow, in Dreamland.....with a snozberry smile!

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