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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crazy isn't here yet...

You haven't seen the best part yet. This isn't's not even close. Everyday is a turning point though and if you're just tunning in, you're walking in on the best part. I'm just now making a stand and my legs feel strong. They're stonger than ever. I feel like I can throw boulders into the sky, or at least smiley faces to the back of your head. My blood is pumping, so hard now it makes me shake. I take a deep breath in and still yet it leaves me unsatisfied. I wan't to lift heavier bars and rip the heads off dragons. I want to take this aggression out on something!?! I want to scream and beat my chest as I jump out of the white forest and rip the faces off red headed bars! Throw on another plate, bring your friends green, yellow and blue. You better believe I won't give up without a fight. I've never been there before but today I feel dressed for battle. I have my army to pick me up if I should fall. They'll dust me off, slap my ass, and send me out for another round. Today, I'm feeling CrossFit and thinking AMRAP till collapse. This fuel inside me burns hot and so deep now there's no turning back. People are starting to see it on my face. They're starting to feel the heat as I walk by. Don't be scared my friends, it's just the life in me being brought to a boil. I lose more and more of it as it evaporates out of my body and on to the floor along with everyone else's hopes and dreams. These dragons fly around my gym barfing cupcakes instead of blowing flames. All it is in the end though is a bunch of smoke out your ass. I'm typing this in my weightlifting shoes. I'm not done. I've only just started. You haven't seen the best part yet. This isn't's not even close.

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